Botran Rum Anejo 15 Reserva 40% 0.7 ltr. Udvid

Botran Rum Anejo 15 Reserva 40% 0.7 ltr.



Botran Rum Anejo 15 Reserva 40% 0.7 ltr.

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Botran Reserva Ron Añejo Systema 15 Solera matures more than 2300 meters over the sea-level between volcanos in the western mountains of Guatemala. The Botran Family has kept an uncompromising dedication to quality and superior tasting rums creating a unique signature style. They harvest and press the finest sugar cane on their Estate in southern Guatemala to create the basis for the rums. The rum is distilled locally and taken to the mountains for aging through a unique Solera process, in a sequence of American Whisky, Sherry and Port barrels. They select the finest rums aged between 5 and 18 years for their great depth, richness and complex aromas of caramel, oak and dried fruits to create Botran Solera 1893.

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